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27.03.2018 | Kategorie: Workshop

13.05.18 - Ayurveda Workshop: Kapha Season

So. von 14.00 - 16.30 Uhr mit Marjorie im Studio Derendorf, R2

Kapha season is coming!!
Beautiful spring season is showing the point of the nose already and we will be waiting for you on May 13th with an insightful 2:30 h Ayurvedic Workshop.

Marjorie will guide you to understand Kapha dosha and Kapha season. In a few words: „How to restore your energy after a long winter and keep up with your new vitalty.“

We will talk:
Diet | Exercise | Yoga | Pranayama  | Lifestyle

What to avoid , what to favor and how to do it in an easy and uncomplicated way ... and of course we will jump on the mat for an energetic Kapha practice.

Reserve your spot now!!!!
This workshop is open to all, no need of any specific knowledge on Ayurveda.

Marjorie teach in English/German

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