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01.12.2017 | Kategorie: Workshop

18.02.18 - Ayurveda Workshop: Vata Season

So. von 16.00 - 18.30 Uhr mit Marjorie im Studio Derendorf

In this workshop, you will learn a bit more about the 3 Doshas and their characteristics.
Marjorie will introduce you to find balance with them and give a few very easy everyday tips.
Through fun and balancing flows, you will discover how to keep your 5 elements in tune with asanas and pranayama.
The perfect workshop to bring some Ayurveda in your daily life and your yoga practice.

Winter is Vata season. Learn about Vata Dosha, about how to recognize its influence and how to keep it balanced.

Through simple nutritional advice, Yoga and Pranayama practice, you will discover a few easy "add-ons" to introduce into your daily routine and keep Vata happy!

Marjorie has a extended knowledge in body work. She has worked close to 7 years as an Ayurveda therapist. During those years, she observed and learned how the doshas have a big influence on character and body type and how easy, with a few little tricks, it is to stay aware and balanced in every season.
Marjorie teaches Vinyasa yoga, retreats and seminar about healthy leaving.

Marjorie teach in English/German

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