In her yoga teaching Marjorie combines the elements of Vinyasa yoga and Ayurveda.

Her style is challenging on the one hand and healing on the other hand. A wonderful combination to sweat and go deep and to prepare for a peaceful meditation.

Marjorie had her first contact with yoga and meditation when she was 13 years old and deepened her practice 5 years ago in the US followed by a Vinyasa teacher training that she finished last year.

In addition Marjorie is an Ayurvedic therapist and created her own business for yoga, nutrition and healthy lifestyle called My Urban Veda.

„My approach of yoga is based on my experience with the mind-body connection as a therapist. I strongly believe that the movement of the body frees the emotions and quiets the mind, that yoga makes people HAPPY and Ayurveda makes people HEALTHY.“

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